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Vision, Mission and Objectives:


To create, develop and Integrate communities in which women and girls realize their full potentials.

Mission Statement

HDI is committed to fostering sustainable economic development, empowerment and independence for vulnerable women and girls in the rural areas.

Core Values

  • Faith
  • Humanity
  • Impartiality and Neutrality
  • Transparency

The goals and objectives

The main aims and objectives of HDI among others include the following:

  • To promote basic and holistic transformational development services through agriculture, education, mentorship aimed at reducing “extreme hunger, poverty, illiteracy and injustice
  • To promote sound gender equality, human rights, democracy and good governance in the rural communities.
  • To encourage provision of accessible learning centers for alternative education and literature and comprehensive health care services to poverty-stricken communities.
  • To build and encourage women and youth employment; enterprises scheme and inter-cultural mutual bond communications that build peace and harmony between communities.
  • To partner with local, national, regional, international charities, institutions, foundations, individuals, donors and UN agencies to achieve holistic transformation in sharing skills and knowledge pertaining to community welfare and development.

Core Programmes

Programme Area 1: Girls Mentorship Programmes

The program targets academically motivated girls who are orphaned or otherwise vulnerable, including those from economically disadvantaged families, who are physically disabled, and/or who are adversely affected by HIV/AIDS. This is done in accordance to the Convention on the Rights of the Child which states that every child has the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and the right to a standard of living adequate for the child’s physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development

Programme Area 2: Education & Vocational Training

This program, among others, addresses the need for nursery, primary and secondary education, it gives special focus to girl-child and acutely vulnerable children through sponsorships. It promotes multiple trainings to community leaders to increase leadership skills, management, community development and entrepreneurship that create self-sufficient and assets for women, girls and youth groups. We equip young women with handy technical skills through vocational training, especially for women beyond school-age who were not able to obtain meaningful education due to poverty, cultural practices and other life circumstances.

Programme Area 3: Food Security and Livelihoods

Several areas in Migori County are considered to be food insecure, due to adverse weather patterns and poor soil type. The adverse weather limits the community to animal rearing and this limits their engagement in crop production. In a drive to improve food security and livelihoods, HDI has embarked on fostering behavioural change amongst populations and training of farmers towards better agricultural practices. Farmers’ trainings emphasize better practices.

Programme Area 4: Economic Empowerment

This service aims at enhancing employment creation, income generational and the general livelihood of women. Activities that reflect this service includes; Microfinance, skills building for women and income generating activities. Women are encouraged to get involved in microfinance activities, with the majority engaged in small scale businesses.

Programme Area 5: Health Care

We educate women and girls on sexual reproductive health, pregnancy, and HIV/AIDS, and offer information on related topics.

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