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Fostering sustainable economic development, empowerment and independence for vulnerable women and girls in the rural areas.


To create, develop, and integrate communities in which women and girls realize their full potentials. We support, mentor, and empower women in through:

  • Education for Girls
    We advocate and direct support for girls' education. Your donations can help offset or cover costs for school fees, educational materials, and personal effects that would otherwise prevent or keep these girls from getting an education.
  • Vocational Training
    We equip young women with handy technical skills through vocational training, especially for women beyond school-age who were not able to obtain meaningful education due to poverty, cultural practices and other life circumstances.
  • Women's Health
    We educate women and girls on sexual reproductive health, pregnancy, and HIV/AIDS, and offer information on related topics.
  • Sustained Agribusiness
    Sustainability and women's empowerment go hand in hand. We provide education and training in sustained agribusiness to women in the Rongo area that helps them succeed economically while enhancing food security and nutritional health in their communities.
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
    We ensure that our efforts are environmentally friendly. We raise awareness about climate change, environmental degradation and conservation and provide avenues for young women to initiative green businesses and get involved in activities such as tree-planting to help mitigate environmental stresses to our planet.

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+254 702 351 176 / +254 755 881 197

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