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My name is Michelle Apiyo Odhiambo.I was raised up in a rural home Rongo in Migori County, Kenya .I grew up in a family of four siblings I being the oldest .My early childhood was a typical low class environment. We lived in small cottage with dad. Dad and mom divorced when I was in class seven and we had to move on with my dad .My dad is a peasant farmer with a small scale farm. In 2011dad got very sick and even lost his hearing. Being born in a poor family and being the oldest I used to be exposed to this self-sacrificing at an early age by taking care of my younger siblings ,I learnt that the self is above everyone. . I was not sure whether I would join secondary school, after perusing primary level education. But then worrying does not help, this is when Hitaji Development Initiative came in for supporting me through secondary level .I got my scholarship with Hitaji  development Initiative. I joined German Education Board Girls high school where I did my form one and two then later transferred to Oyugi Ogango girls where I did my form three and form four then sat for my final exams. During HDI scholarship at my secondary level, in addition for catering for my school fees, HDI also catered for my education related expenses such as some little cash called pocket money and some shopping money for school basics. All this gave me a conducive environment for my education and also made my education run smoothly. I did my final exam and pursue a grade of c-(minus) and I thank Hitaji Development Initiative for their generous scholarship through my secondary level. On my completion of my secondary education HDI again gave me an opportunity to further studies at Kenya Methodist University. I thank HDI for their generous scholarship to Kenya Methodist University to pursue a diploma in hospitality and tourism management. It is with pleasure that HDI caters for my tuition fee, and transportation fee from home to school  despite being no accommodation provided at the Nairobi campus I’m still able to reach  school in time.

Jennipher Ladona

My name is Jenifal Ladona Awuor. I was raised up in a small town called Awendo in Migori County, Kenya. I grew up in a polygamous family consisting of three wives, my mum being the third wife. I am the oldest child to my mother and I have four younger siblings. I grew up in a moderate life styled family. This was because my dad was a hardworking business man, though my mum never did any work. Life was good until 2003 when my dad died. This was after my eldest step mother had also died in 1998. Everything changed from moderate life to a low environment life. My mum took charge over the remains of the shop my dad operated while still alive. Life became more hard when in 2006 the second wife to my dad also passed on, leaving my mum to take care of all the children from the three families, adding up to ten including me and my siblings. In 2007 life in town was unbearable and we moved back to our rural home at Bande. My mum worked very hard in order for us to survive,putting enough meal for us wasn't easy for her,as she never had any work. We survived through help from neighbours,friends and families,as raising school fees and feeding us all was very hard.We survived until I did my class eight exam. This is when everything downed on her as she was the one paying school fees to my elder stepbrothers. I was promised a full scholarship had I attained 350 marks in my exam,things became difficult when I never managed to get the marks. I lost hope in ever joining a secondary school of my dream,but I never knew God had plans for my schooling. One morning my mother was called to attend a meeting,she never hesitated and went for the meeting. She realized that the group that was present in that meeting was interested in empowering girls and women. She raised my story in this meeting. Later on I was informed that I got a chance to be partially sponsored,that is,the group was to pay half of my school fees every year. This was a great miracle to me and my mum and that is how Hitaji Development Initiative came into my rescue. Through HDI support I managed to join Oyugi Ogango girls' my dream school for my secondary level,I did my form one to four in this same school and sat for my final exams.HDI scholarship for my secondary education catered for my school fees and this gave me the chance to have a conducive environment for my education and also made my secondary education achieved. I scored a minimum of c-(minus) in my final exam. But unfortunately this same year I lost my only surviving mother. I highly appreciate HDI for every support i received during this time of trial. After completing my secondary education, now that I never had a parent to help me further my studies,one of my uncles offered to take me through my college education,I joined The Kisumu National Polytechnic to pursue a diploma in Business Management.HDI never stopped supporting me after this. I always received support from them for my up keep expenses. I am highly honored to appreciate Hitaji Development Initiative,for through their support I made it in my secondary level,and now am working towards achieving my desired profession. I am humbled by how HDI is concerned for the girl child education. Thank you HDI.  I highly appreciate your support. Thank you.

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Millicent Oketch. Her story will be shortly uploaded

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Beryl Achieng Odhiambo. Her story will be uploaded shortly

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